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Main Features of Festy

Everyday Payments

Everyday payments for everyday people. Make instant and simple day-to-day transactions without a physical wallet

Own Your Own Data

Festy is decentralised and therefore your data does not go to a centralised authority such as a bank or insurance company. With Festy you own your data and you can distribute it as you want

Verify Tickets

Add tickets to your event to eliminate fraud, verify age for compliance, verify payments using cryptocurrencies, guarantee safety and control of your funds


Noun [ fest:-i ]
1. A person who lives to go to music festivals.
2. Loves face paint, henna, anything glow-in-the-dark, tattoos, music (especially dubstep, electronic, indie, folk, alternative), eastern/new age themed religions, hallucinogens and hula hoops.

-Urban Dictionary

Here's What We Think Festy Means

Noun [ fest:-i ]
1. A decentralised crypto payment wristband
2. Contactless payments using blockchain technology
3. Leave your wallet at home

-The Festy Team

Festy Band on some pretty grass

Main benefits of Festy

There are clear benefits for merchants, consumers and shareholders to get involved in Festy.

The Merchants

No Chargebacks Or Fraud

No Credit-Rating Required

Instant payments. Just like cash

- 50% Cheaper than Visa -

The Consumer

Instant payments

Own your Data

No bank account required

Progress So Far

Our dedicated team have been working on the concept of Festy since mid-2016. We launch our design in July 2017 and go to market at the end of the year.

Stage 1

Hardware Design and initial build

Stage 2

Initial Demo and Soft Launch

Stage 3

Software implementation

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Festy @ Electric Picnic 2017

With O'Flynn's Gourmet Sausage Company

Festy, a NFC cryptocurrency wristband, made cryptocurrency payments possible for festival goers at Ireland’s largest music festival Electric Picnic last weekend.

Festy introduces “Contactless Crypto” the world’s first NFC tag that makes cryptocurrency payments possible with a simple tap. This brings crypto closer to the masses and makes it even easier to pay. The first application of this technology is a wristband for festivals and private events. Electric Picnic was held in Ireland at the weekend (1 - 3 September 2017), and 50 festival goers wore the wristband and could pay using Festy. Festy teamed up with O'Flynn's Gourmet Sausage Company , Cork for pioneering the application at the event.

“By doing the proof of concept at such a large and well-known festival, it has put us months ahead in R&D” says founder, Graham de Barra.

Users can top-up their Festy wristbands and withdraw using Dash and other cryptocurrencies. Festy will be tested at a number of upcoming events. The Irish startup is one to look out for, having won Silicon Republic’s Startup of the Week last month.

“The most exciting part is being able to switch an entire festival of say 60,000 people, from fiat to crypto with one contract. This type of adoption will drive cryptocurrencies through the roof.”

If you would like to be among the first to try out Festy at your event, please contact graham@festy.ie

We, at festy, would also like to personally thank O'Flynn's Gourment Sausage Company for working with us in this proof of concept. Without whom, we would not have this huge R&D advantage.

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Meet Our Team

Graham De Barra


Darren Dineen

Sales Development

François Xavier

Senior Developer

Ronan Sandford

Senior Developer

HuíChí Man

Project Coordinator

Paul Merrick

Account Executive

Alexey Shapovalov


Fergal Eccles


Jake Walsh